makeshift letterbox

An outlet for some of the darker pop/ambient/electronic leanings.


a fabulous decade so far…
Release date: December 31, 2009

Mostly forgotten until recently, this 4-song EP was created as a farewell to a middling decade. breakbeats and chopped beats, atmospheric guitars and keyboards...

All instruments, beats, and manipulations by jeff suszczynski.

the vaporbombed love affair
Release date: 2005

A 7-song EP, first released in 2005, more properly mixed and remastered in 2009. the music is probably most aptly described as damaged art rock, with a lot of musical and lyrical darkness belied a bit by fairly frenetic and aggressive drumming.

tim grimaldi - drumset on 1-6
katherine jacobs - cellos on 1
jeff suszczynski - keyboards, voices, drum programming, guitars, bass, ebows, etc.

All songs by jeff suszczynski except 5 (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Tolhurst).


exercises in failure
Release date: 2000

the first makeshift letterbox release, cobbled together from various minidisc recordings made between 1998-2000. the music ranges from damaged art rock (‘You Will Betray Me’) to ambient (‘we are believers’, ‘Planetarium’) to experimental (‘tapeworm delay’) to dreamy electronic (‘will you betray me?’, ‘weightless’) and even damaged art folk at times (‘formica’, ‘another portrait’).

jeff suszczynski - all instruments and voices except:
bill trautman - acoustic guitar on 11

All songs by jeff suszczynski.