This will be the home for the reginald pantry, the all-improv experimental side project for members of the gifted children. Full discography to come but for now, you can enjoy our winter EP, towering cities of breathsmoke:

the reginald pantry - towering cities of breathsmoke

Release date: April 19, 2011

the reginald pantry, experimental music arm of the gifted children, are back with another soundtrack to an imaginary film. 'towering cities of breathsmoke' is culled from several group improvisations recorded on a ridiculously cold january night in 2010, later edited and thoroughly warped into five distinct pieces . 

this is abstract yet darkly pretty instrumental music, haunted by canyon keyboards, thickly reverbed feedback and ghostly vocoders. 

recommended for fans of tim hecker, svarte greiner, hammock and leyland kirby... 


recorded: live to stereo tracks on january 9, 2010, by justin sheehan on mac at the homestead (grand island, ny).
edited, mixed and mastered by jeff suszczynski: january and april, 2011 on pc at bad wallpaper (rochester, ny)

pat muldowney - bass on 3 & 4
jim sahr - guitars on 1-5
justin sheehan - piano on 3 & 4
jeff suszczynski - keyboard on 1-3 & 5, vocoder on 2, ebow guitars on 4, loops and effects on 1-5