the gifted children - a turncoat spring

Release date: April 29, 2008

more parallel-universe hits from the prolific western new york band the gifted children. "a turncoat spring," already their 7th release so far this year, veers from catchy mantrarock ('halo') to paranoid apocalyptic fantasies ('the kingdom plentiful') to their shortest song yet recorded ('sum total' clocks in at a mere 11 seconds). this time, all the songs were written and recorded in a single night. substances may have played a role in the making...

brett dreyer – voice on 4; tenor saxophones on 5
justin sheehan – voice on 2 & 4
jeff suszczynski – keyboards on 1; guitar on 1,3 & 4; voice on 1-4; drum machine on 1; bass on 5
bill trautman – guitar on 4; voice on 4; bass on 2 & 3; keyboard on 5

all songs written march 29-30, 2008.

recording:  march 29-30, 2008, at the homestead on mac; additional tracks recorded in april 1-2, 2008, at bad wallpaper on pc.

produced by the gifted children

track 1 by jeff suszczynski
track 2 by jeff suszczynski/justin sheehan
tracks 3 & 5 by jeff suszczynski/bill trautman
track 4 by bill trautman

Lyrics and individual track credits:

01        halo

 when i walk in my head she’s like the air

jeff suszczynski - drum machine, keyboards, guitar, voice, vocoder

02         heavier in a blackout

we’ve got our cardboard cut-out walls and india ink
we don’t care how much you notice, still less what you think
he was a guilty young man, with a powerful mind
kept his friends on their feet and his enemies blind

meet it and wonder, steal and run under

justin sheehan – voices, shakers
jeff suszczynski – acoustic guitar, voices, pianos, shakers
bill trautman – bass

03        the kingdom plentiful

everyone cries wolf but eventually it happens
here we go it's time for the ride
disturbances under the sea
sunrise with blowing snow or was it ashes?
running with fire
we saw it all looming overhead
the planet cleanses the kingdom plentiful

jeff suszczynski – guitar, voices
bill trautman – bass

04        sum total

one and one and one and one -
that's four total

brett dreyer – voice
justin sheehan – voice
jeff suszczynski – voice
bill trautman – acoustic guitar, voice

05         again, the dome closes


brett dreyer – tenor saxophones
jeff suszczynski – bass, shakers, sleigh bells, piano
bill trautman – keyboard