the gifted children - fallacy stilts

Release date: January 11, 2011 

the first 2011 release for prolific western new york band the gifted children is the 5-song 'fallacy stilts' EP. 
this is a different-sounding EP for the band - most of the tracks were recorded in a single day and night in a makeshift studio set up in a library, contributing to a feeling of spontaneity and collaboration throughout. from the haunting, post-apocalyptic 'if the accident will' to the catchy campfire sing-along on 'i have a lake', 'fallacy stilts' is also less reliant on the band's usual cavalcade of indie rock guitars, instead leaning more heavily on woodwinds, acoustic guitars and pianos.

brett dreyer - tenor saxophone on 2 & 3; acoustic guitar on 4
tim grimaldi - drumset on 2 & 3
justin sheehan - voice on 2 & 4; acoustic guitar on 4
jeff suszczynski - acoustic guitar on 1, 2, 4 & 5; voice on 1, 2 & 4; electric guitar on 2; pianos on 3 & 5; tapes on 5
pam swarts - electric guitars on 1 & 2; slide guitar on 1; flutes on 1; clarinet on 2 & 3; keyboard/sampler on 3 & 5; salt shaker on 4; voice on 4
bill trautman - drumset on 1; bass on 1-3; acoustic guitar on 4 & 5; voice on 4

songs 1, 2 & 4 by suszczynski; song 3 by trautman/suszczynski/swarts/sheehan/dreyer; song 5 by trautman/suszczynski/swarts 
recorded november 28-29, 2008, on pc at the gamble room (rochester, ny) 
additional tracks recorded december 2008-january 2011 on pc at bad wallpaper and the gamble room (rochester, ny) 
mixed and mastered in november 2010-january 2011 by jeff suszczynski at bad wallpaper (rochester, ny) 
layout/design by brett dreyer and jeff suszczynski 
cover collage: "i have a lake" by jeff suszczynski 

Lyrics and individual track credits:

01        if the accident will

we shivered underneath neon signs proclaiming our deaths
we picked through the rubble just to pass the time
listened for ghost transmissions under the pile
i thought i heard you laughing
i thought that i heard you sing

we waited for rescue but none ever came
now they fly overhead not to save us but to watch the dwindle
in an old parking lot
we wrote in the dust from fallen buildings
'we're still alive so fuck you'

jeff suszczynski – acoustic guitar, voice
pam swarts – electric guitar, slide guitar, flutes
bill trautman – drumset, basses

02        parachutes

every aircraft is a wish to be something else
every preacher crying wolf is much the same

no life parachutes

we lull ourselves to sleep with shrines and prayer beads
pacifiers for the infant in-group masses
no more washing feet in private ceremonies
let's write requiems for primitive beliefs

no life parachutes

brett dreyer – tenor saxophone
tim grimaldi - drumset
justin sheehan – harmony voice
jeff suszczynski – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, voice
pam swarts – electric guitars, clarinet
bill trautman – bass

03        the great flame wars


brett dreyer – tenor saxophones
tim grimaldi - drumset
jeff suszczynski – pianos
pam swarts – clarinets, keyboard/sampler
bill trautman – bass

04        i have a lake

i'm going down to the caverns
will you join me once again
all i'm asking for is a level playing field
so lay down your spear
if you enter that palace of wonders
trust me - i won't forge ahead again

and if you're thirsty, i have a lake:
there will never be a shortage

brett dreyer – acoustic guitar
justin sheehan – acoustic guitar, voice
jeff suszczynski – acoustic guitar, voice
pam swarts – salt shaker, voice
bill trautman – acoustic guitar, voice

05        garmonbozia [part 3]


jeff suszczynski – acoustic guitar, piano, tapes
pam swarts – keyboard/sampler
bill trautman – acoustic guitar