the gifted children - open windows

Release date: March 31, 2009

open windows is the third release in a month for the gifted children! this 7-song EP packs a ton into a mere 11 minutes: 

the title track's simple, repeating piano line ends up crashing into a cinematic wall of distorted bass, drums and saxophones to set the stage for the rest of the EP. there's also a completely re-recorded version of 'a forest', with its crescendo of delayed guitars, pianos and mandolins; 'rescate', a starkly pretty song about lost potential; noisy mini-anthem 'here comes the flood'; a sweet piano/voice/upright song, 'transcription (a certain sweetness)' and much more... 

aaron boucher - drumset on 1, 2 & 5
brett dreyer - tenor saxophones on 1
jeff suszczynski - pianos on 1, 2, 4 & 6; voices on 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6; kazoos on 1; drum program on 1 & 4; guitars on 2, 4 & 5; mandolins on 2 & 3; snare drum on 4; handclaps on 4; keyboards on 7
bill trautman - basses on 1, 2, 3, & 5; upright bass on 4 & 6; guitars on 3; voices on 3

written and recorded intermittently from april 2008 - march 2009 on pc.
mixed and mastered by jeff suszczynski, march 2009.
all songs by jeff suszczynski, except 3 by bill trautman

layout/design by brett dreyer and jeff suszczynski
front collage: 'open windows' (jeff suszczynski)
back collage: 'transcription' (jeff suszczynski)

Lyrics and individual track credits:

01 open windows

fly me in to fix everything
bring me in through your open window

aaron boucher – drumset
brett dreyer – tenor saxophones
jeff suszczynski – pianos, voices, kazoos, drum program
bill trautman – basses

02 a forest [version]

your kind attention, please
everything plastic wins
when we break apart there is no maybe
the bridge collapses under exodus
we shrink with cold and crack
next year weeds to fill the gaps
when you feel the faint come, push harder
blindfold me, spin me around
start me in some new direction
stop following the same old sounds

aaron boucher – drumset
jeff suszczynski – guitars, mandolins, pianos, voices
bill trautman – bass

03 rescate

i walked down to the end of your drive
time stopped, doorbells i never even tried
you can't say no if i never even ask
i never even ask

jeff suszczynski – mandolins
bill trautman – guitars, voices, basses

04 here comes the flood

did we kiss at backyard parties
did we even say hello
did i languish under trees or on beaches,
writing epilogues to you

a slideshow of folly
and chances not taken

bill trautman – upright bass
jeff suszczynski – guitars, pianos, drum machine, snare drums, handclaps, voices

05 goodbye to the coastline

it's goodbye tomorrow

aaron boucher – drumset
jeff suszczynski – guitars, voices
bill trautman – bass

06 transcription (a certain sweetness)

last week, yeah we had a certain sweetness
no repeating stuff flown in and out
but in two months get an idea
a renaissance and it's done
don't talk all about it now
do you still know all the words -
'no, it's out and done to our regret.'

jeff suszczynski – piano, voice
bill trautman – upright bass

07 niblick


jeff suszczynski – keyboards