the gifted children - please freeze me

Release date: March 2, 2010 

10 winter songs, soaked in cavernous reverb. a perfect album for wallowing in the cold midwinter...

tim grimaldi - drumset on 1,2,10; tambourine on 2; bass drum on 6 
pat muldowney - voice on 2 
james earl sahr - voice on 2,7; guitar on 6,7,10; keyboard on 7; drum machine on 7 
justin sheehan - voice on 1,3,4; piano on 2,4; keyboard on 4 
jeff suszczynski - piano on 1,5,6,8,10; voice on 1,2,3,5,6,8,10; guitar on 1,2,3,4,8; drumset on 8; keyboard on 9,10 
bill trautman - bass on 1,3 
alexander trimpe - bass on 8

all songs and lyrics written by jeff suszczynski, except:
4 by justin sheehan
7 by jim sahr

recording: january 2007-february 2010 on hard disk, pc and mac
production: the gifted children
mixing and mastering: february 2010 at bad wallpaper (rochester, ny)

layout/design: brett dreyer/jeff suszczynski

collages by jeff suszczynski
front cover: 'please freeze me'
back cover: 'nourished on the melt'

Lyrics and individual track credits:

01        bland ice escapades

conveyor belt me to the moon
catalytic converters and loose skin
you’ve got your brand names for snowy days
you bask in their reflective glow
so regiment fall in line
we astral and saltwater
and leave unchecked growth in your backyards
chemical bath spa treatment
and watch me glide like creationist lies
hit me with your eelskin belt
i’ll park my car, break zoning laws
crumble into hysterics when my fortune goes
you’ve got quite a turnout today
for your bland ice escapades 

tim grimaldi – drumset
justin sheehan – voice
jeff suszczynski – piano, voice, guitars
bill trautman – bass

02         in winter

a frozen car
a solid river
an empty bar
a drafty window

meet me in winter, after the rot

pat muldowney – voice
jim sahr – voice
justin sheehan – piano
jeff suszczynski – guitars, voice

03         hotflash backrooms

it's been a fabulous decade so far
all a smear of drunken memory
and we watch the stars fade away to the clouds again

we learned to write in competing blood letters
soon moved on to whips and daggers
the bombs were created before we knew what they could do
in hotflash backrooms

tim grimaldi – drumset, tambourines
justin sheehan – voice
jeff suszczynski – guitars, voice
bill trautman – bass

04         shaking hands

every hand that opens
and everything you reach
every face you notice
and every word you speak 
everything is broken
with every hand you shake
every thought forgotten
is every hard mistake
everything you fall for
is everything they take
i will not be awful
i will stay awake

justin sheehan – pianos, voices, keyboard
jeff suszczynski – guitar

05         cudgel

the stanchions are long past gone we're out on our own now
our towering cities of breathsmoke pour into the sky

no one will know we were here in a few snowstorm moments
they'll find us after the melt still clutching bottles

jeff suszczynski – pianos, voices

06         after dinner with red wine and ghost

after dinner with red wine and ghost

tim grimaldi – bass drum
jim sahr – guitar
jeff suszczynski – piano, voice

07         insert

please find another one, instead
please find another one, insert is done

jim sahr – guitars, keyboards, drum machine, voices

08         unlimited february

the pennies you found and collected
faraway trains over the frozen river
which city do you live in now
under the silent february snow?

backlit by wake up water
in this space you want landmarks
trying to find a place to rest your aching bones
a fire on the hearth, a portal home

jeff suszczynski – drumset, guitars, piano, voices
alexander trimpe – bass

09         tundra


 jeff suszczynski – keyboards

10         please freeze me

winter again – please freeze me
feed me your icicles
nourished on the melt

tim grimaldi – drumset
jim sahr – guitars
jeff suszczynski – keyboards, piano, voices