the gifted children - the reginald pantry

Original release date: early 2009; reissue with bonus tracks and e-books: April 15, 2014

the gifted children released their experimental album, the reginald pantry, five years ago; this 14-song album was imagined as a soundtrack to an imaginary zombie film. Now, author J.A. Johnson has written a novelization of the imaginary movie, inspired by the sounds and arc of the album. 

"The Reginald Pantry: a Zombie Chronicle" contains the 'novelization' of the imaginary movie, in addition to links to the original music, special features, photos, deleted scenes and an alternate ending. Structured like a movie on DVD, "The Reginald Pantry: a Zombie Chronicle", is an amazing reading (and audio) experience! 

This unique and non-linear project is now available electronically - the gifted children have re-issued 'the reginald pantry', including 7 bonus tracks as 'deleted scenes', which is included with purchases of the eBook. Similarly, purchases of the album include a free download code for the eBook.


jim sahr - organ, bass, electric guitar, piano, tambourine, voice
justin sheehan - piano, acoustic guitar, keyboard, tambourine, voice
jeff suszczynski - piano, keyboard, tambourine, accordion, voice
bill trautman - accordion, organ, piano, bass, acoustic guitar, voice

all songs improvised and recorded live to edirol r09 on february 28, 2009.
edited/rearranged/looped/etc on adobe audition and ableton live by jeff suszczynski, early march, 2009.

all songs by sahr/sheehan/suszczynski/trautman, c 2009
front and back collages by jeff suszczynski (from 'the reginald pantry series')