the gifted children - we saw the vultures

Release date: March 11, 2008 

the gifted children's 21st release, this is a 6-song EP that summons the ghosts of autumns past. Capturing the transition from summer to school, from warmth to an isolating cold, from present-tense action to nostalgia for the past... Featuring an alternative version of "we saw the vultures" from the full-length whitespace differences.

aaron boucher - drumset on 1, 2 & 5 
brett dreyer - guitar on 2; tenor saxophones on 6 
jim sahr- guitar on 2 
jeff suszczynski - guitars on 1, 2 & 5; piano on 1, 5 & 6; voices on 1, 2 & 5; keyboards on 1; ebow on 1; drum machines on 3 & 6; handclaps on 6; field recordings on all tracks 
bill trautman - bass on 1-6; guitars on 4; voices on 4; drumset on 4

all songs written by jeff suszczynski (copyright 2008 bmi), except:
track 4 by bill trautman (copyright 2008 bmi)

recording: october 2007-january 2008 on pc.
production: the gifted children
cover photograph: jeff suszczynski
layout/design: jeff suszczynski, brett dreyer

Lyrics and individual track credits:

01 chinese whispers

it's time to say goodbye
to all your summer addictions
the warmth has been perverted
by a game of chinese whispers
it's time to catch a ride -
the constable alarm clock is ringing
the hallowed halls have been reborn with chemicals and singing
it's time...

aaron boucher - drumset
jeff suszczynski - guitars, piano, voices, keyboards
bill trautman - bass

02 we saw the vultures [rock version]

we saw the vultures but we didn't move
we gave up and waited for the night to fall
then you found a way out and did not look back
you bought a ticket for the next train out of here

aaron boucher - drumset
brett dreyer - tenor saxophone, guitar
jim sahr - guitar, voice
jeff suszczynski - guitar, voice
bill trautman - bass

03 october


jeff suszczynski - guitars, drum machines, percussion, field recordings
bill trautman - basses

04 point work

your mortar joints are crumbling
how can we mend what
doesn't appear to be installed properly
take it from me –
point work is messy.
your mortar joints are crumbling...

bill trautman - guitars, bass, drumset, voices

05 mt. hope

stone cold and a rust-flake snow
shivering in towels as the summer sun leeches out to leave you pale
you want to melt into another mouth or universe
but you'll find your way again
walking underneath the cemetery crows

aaron boucher - drumsets
jeff suszczynski - guitar, piano, voices
bill trautman - bass

06 letchworth


brett dreyer - tenor saxophones
jeff suszczynski - field recordings, piano, drum machines, handclaps
bill trautman - bass